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Protein Tubs

PVM 28% Tub 225lb

Designed with an exclusive formulation to enhance forage utilization, PVM tubs can be fed to all stages of cattle on pasture and in the feedlot. Additionally, it has Positive Feed’s patented ingredient formula and cooking process limits intake!

ANP (All Natural Protein) 18% Tub 200lb

Can be fed to all species of livestock. It contains 18% protein and does not have any added copper or urea. Additionally, Positive Feed’s patented ingredient formula and cooking process limits animals’ intake!

Sweetlix Enproal 20% Poured Tub 200lb

Convenient, palatable source of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins for cattle consuming low quality forages. Unique EnProAl® technology results in uniform hardness and consistency throughout. Uniform consistency results in a known, predictable consumption rate. Predictable consumption = predictable feed costs. All natural protein is ideal for all classes of cattle. High magnesium content helps protect against grass tetany. No expensive bunks or feeders required.

Purina Accu-Ration 25% Tub 200lb

A premium, weather-resistant, protein tub with fat, vitamins and minerals added that is designed to balance nutrient deficiencies in fair quality forages such as native or improved grass hay or poor quality forages such as dormant grasses or crop residues. An Intake Modifying Technology product.

MLS #1 Hi-Perfomance 18% 200lb

An all natural protein tub with a concentrated level of vitamins and trace minerals. Designed for mature and growing cattle that need both protein and mineral supplementation while grazing pastures or being fed roughage or light grain rations. Contains high levels of copper. Do not feed to sheep. 

Positive Feed Forti-Sweet 14 35lb Tub

Horse supplement block for all stages of horses. 

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