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15' Raptor

- Horsepower required: 60hp

-Main gearbox: 255hp

-Outboard gearbox: 210hp

-Cut capacity: 3-1/2"

-Deck thickness: 3/16"

-Front Safety Chains: standard

12' Predator

- Horsepower required: 40hp

- Main gearbox: 160hp

- Outboard gearbox: 70hp

- Cutting capacity: 2.5"

- Deck thickness: 3/16"

- Front Safety Chains: standard


8' Predator

-Horsepower required: 50hp

-Main gearbox: 150hp

-Outboard gearbox: 95hp

-Cutting capacity: 3"

-Deck thickness: 3/16"

-Front Safety Chains: Optional

6' Super Highway Special

-Horsepower required: 45hp

-Gearbox: 95hp

-Cutting Capacity: 3"

-Deck thickness: 3/16"

-Front Safety Chain: optional

-Quick attach

5', 6' & 7' Super Sunshine

-Horsepower required:

60": 25hp                          72": 30hp                          84": 40hp

-Gearbox: 65hp

-Cutting capacity: 2.5"

-Deck thickness: 3/16"

-Front Safety Chain: optional

-Slip Clutch

-Heavy duty gear box

4', 5' & 6' Competitor

-Horsepower Required: 48": 20hp                        60": 25hp                        72": 30hp

-Gearbox: 48hp

-Cutting Capacity: 2"

-Deck Thickness: 48": 10GA

                          60": 3/16"

                          72": 3/16"

-Front Safety Chain: optional

-Shear pin

5' & 6' Standard Box Scraper

-Medium duty scraper

-Hot-dipped galvanized box and frame

-Two 1/2"x6" reversible cutting edges

-Cat. 1 double pull-pin hook up

-Tempered scarifier shanks

-Recommend up to 50hp 2wd & 40hp 4wd

-Quick hitch

4' Competitor Box Scraper

-Designed for light duty use

-Hot-dipped galvanized box & frame

-Cat. 1 two reversible cutting edges

-Replaceable scarifier teeth tips

-Approved for up to 28hp 2wd & 20hp 4wd

9' Crane

-3 pt.

-Cat. 2

-1500 lb. lift capacity

66" Quick Attach Tractor Root Grapple

This light weight grapple is designed wtih small farm loaders in mind with limited lift capacity. Weighing only 454 lb. you get a load without the fear of tipping your machine. Designed for 60hp max. tractors.

72" Heavy Duty Universal Quick Attach Root Grapple

The heavy duty grapple is designed for up to 90hp skid steer machines & rated for up to 120hp tractors with a moderate work load. Made from 1/2" steel it is strong yet light enough for smaller machines. Pivot point grease fittings and couplers are standard.

5' & 6' Tilting Grader Blade

-Cat. 1

-35 hp rating

-Rotates a full 360 degrees

-Tilts 45 degrees either side

-12" offset capability

-1/2"x6" reversible cutting edge

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